Hustle Videos

Hustle Videos

J&J Hustle Videos

Jack & Jill contests allow individuals to enter without a partner and demonstrate skills in spontaneous dancing with a variety of partners. There is an inherent “luck of the draw” factor involved. Leaders and followers are randomly paired. There will be several partner changes during the preliminary and semi-final rounds. Competitors are scored individually on timing, technique and teamwork in the preliminary heats. Those scoring the highest will be called back later to dance in a final round. In the final, individuals are randomly paired, then scored as a couple. The DJ picks the music.

2009 Miami Dance Magic ~ 1st Place Champions

2011 Disco America ~ 2nd Place Invitational

Erica Smith & Tybaldt Ulrich ~ 2nd Place Hustle Open J&J ~ Song # 1 ~ Swing Fling 2013

2009 New York Hustle Congress ~ 2nd Place

2013 Mid-Atlantic Dance Jam (MADjam) ~ 4th Place Open

Just Hustle Videos

Enter with your partner. Event picks the music. Couples dance in heats for several short songs. If more than 15 couples enter a division there will be a preliminary contest followed by a final round. Judges will evaluate the couples based on their demonstration of good social dancing skills, timing, technique, connection, lead and follow, presentation and showmanship.

2015 International Hustle & Salsa Congress (IHSC) ~ 3rd Place Professional Just Hustle

2013 Mid-Atlantic Dance Jam (MADjam) ~ 4th Place Open

2012 Mid-Atlantic Dance Jam (MADjam) ~ 2nd Place Open

2010 International Hustle & Salsa Congress (IHSC) ~ 4th Place Professional

2008 Mid-Atlantic Dance Jam (MADjam) ~ 4th Place Open

2011 International Hustle & Salsa Congress (IHSC) ~ 2nd Place Open

2011 New York Hustle Congress ~ 2nd Place Professional

Erica Smith & Billy Marti ~ 4th Place Open Hustle ~ Swing Fling 2013

2011 Mid-Atlantic Dance Jam (MADjam) ~ 4th Place Open

2009 Easterns ~ 1st Place Professional/Advanced

2008 Virginia State Open ~ 2nd Place Professional/Advanced

2008 Swing Fling ~ 3rd Place Professional/Advanced

Hustle Social Dancing Videos

Erica Smith & John aka Boots ~ Social Dancing 2009

Erica Smith & Billy Marti ~ Social Dancing ~ MADjam 2012

Erica Smith & Jesse Castaneda ~ Social Dancing ~ Swing Fling 2013

Erica Smith & Smitty ~ Social Dancing ~ 2006

Erica Smith & Daniel McGee ~ Social Dancing ~ Puerto Rico

Erica Smith & Tariq ~ Social Dancing ~ 2006