Pro-Am Videos

Pro-Am Videos

What is a Pro-Am? During a Pro-Am competition, students dance with their instructor (Erica Smith) and are judged against other students. During the Pro-Am competition only the student is evaluated. Different skill levels are offered. Each skill level is a separate contest. The DJ picks the music. Couples dance to about 1½ minutes of a song appropriate for their division. Students are prepared through private lessons for their Pro-Am competition. This type of dance division allows students to get on the floor with an experienced partner and be guided through the experience of performing.

Erica Smith is very passionate about sharing her love of dance with her students.   Specializing in technique and proper connection, Erica enjoys working with beginner to advanced students.  Arguably, as a testament to Erica teaching skills, Erica has received the following Top Teacher placements:

2013 Disco America Top Female Teacher
2013 Mid-Atlantic Dance Jam (MADjam) Top Female Teacher
2012 International Hustle Dance Association (IHDA) Top Female Teacher
2012 DC Swing eXperience (DCSX) Top Female Teacher
2012 Swing Fling Top Female Teacher
2012 Disco America Top Hustle Female Teacher

Please click on the videos below to see complete playlists of Erica’s pro-am students in action.

Swing Fling 2013

Top Female Teacher ~ Disco America 2013

Top Female Teacher ~ Mid-Atlantic Dance Jam (MADjam) 2013

Freedom Swing 2013

Top Female Teacher ~ DC Swing eXperience (DCSX) 2012

Top Female Teacher ~ Swing Fling 2012

Top Female Teacher ~ Disco America 2012