Private Lessons


(Student Appreciation Party 2012)

Private lessons are a great way to improve your individual dance skills. They allow you to tailor your learning specifically to your wants and needs. Best of all, private lessons provide you with the opportunity to learn at your own pace!

Erica is available for private lessons in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Erica Smith is available for private lessons both nationally and internationally at the events listed here. Private lessons are available in the following dance styles:

• Hustle
• West Coast Swing
• Salsa (On 1)
• Salsa (On 2)
• Spins/Turns

Please contact Erica for scheduling and pricing information.


Whether you are looking to learn how to dance, or to improve your dance technique and level of dancing for personal growth or competition, Erica Smith will get you there. Not only has Erica won various high level competitions in hustle and west coast swing, not only is she an amazing salsa dancer, not only is Erica an elegant, graceful, technically savvy dancer, she is also wonderful and versatile dance instructor. Her students typically do very well in competitions, she often wins “Best instructor” awards, and I can personally say that even with my seven years of dancing, my technique and ability to lead have significantly improved under her tutelage. If you are looking to learn to dance, or to become a better more competitive dancer, I highly recommend her.

Erica is an outstanding dance teacher, independent of her extraordinary knowledge and skills in this activity. She is extremely patient, yet maintains high expectations for her students. This in combination with her pleasant and positive demeanor fosters an attitude among her students to want to please her. She shows great skill in individualizing her instruction to match the specific goals and abilities of her students. In conclusion, Erica demonstrates all aspects of teaching dance with excellence.

With extraordinary patients, along with a relaxed, supportive, and highly focused approach, Erica has the rare ability to bring out the strengths in each individual. I came to her with a chronic back problem, which has improved “dramatically” through her non-compromising emphasis on proper technique and eagerness to tailor her approach to help with my issues.. Thanks to Erica, West Coast Swing and Salsa have become a major and wonderful part of my life!

Erica is a great teacher! She is very knowledgeable about dance in general, and holds her students to a very high standard. She is very nice but she won’t baby you – if you are off-time, looking at the floor, raising your shoulders, or looking dumb at all, she will let you know (in a nice way, and help you fix it, of course!). It is also clear that she teaches because she loves teaching, and doesn’t do it simply for the money. She really cares about her students and does everything she can to help them succeed. A+!

Many of [Erica’s] followers, however, think her biggest accomplishment is her ability to teach. Everyone raved about her lessons and about how well she related to her students.

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